Program Evaluation and Scoring Tool (PRESTO)

PRESTO is a flexible web-based platform for analyzing and tracking the performance of homeless housing and services. This tool allows communities to collect, analyze, visualize, and report on the performance of individual programs, and of entire systems. PRESTO supports year-round performance measurement as well as tailored local processes for competitive Continuum of Care (CoC) funding applications.

If you have questions about using PRESTO in your community, please email

System-Level Data Analysis

The PRESTO Data Explorer uses built in metrics and a simple point-and-click user interface to analyze and visualize project and community performance. The Data Explorer draws on data in CoC Program Annual Performance Reports (APR) to calculate a broad range of performance measures in key areas, including:

  • Housing Outcomes and Stability
  • Income
  • Non-Cash Mainstream Resources
  • Mental and Physical Health Conditions
  • Project Utilization Rates
  • Returns to Homelessness

Program Performance Reports

PRESTO compiles data from multiple sources, including CoC Program APRs and supplemental data provided by programs or from HMIS. The PRESTO reporting tool supports standard and customizable program-level report templates, which provide holistic assessment through narrative information, numerical data, and data visualization.

Continuum of Care Program Competition

HomeBase works with communities to develop performance metrics and local processes to score and rank projects in the annual Continuum of Care Program application. These performance metrics are hosted in PRESTO as Scoring Tools, which can be accessed and used by a CoC’s neutral review panel to evaluate and score projects in real time.

PRESTO Scoring Tools tie directly to comprehensive evaluation reports for each project. The integration of reporting and scoring streamlines the local process and facilitates meaningful program assessment.