Strategic Planning

HomeBase facilitates a wide range of strategic planning efforts, including agency-level planning, community-wide five and ten year plans for ending homelessness, and state level ten year strategic plans.

Strategic planning is an important process that builds consensus on common goals, facilitates group prioritization of key actions, fosters creativity and collaborative problem-solving, and provides a platform for consideration of resource needs and opportunities.

All of our strategic planning work is customized to meet the particular needs of the state, community or agency, facilitates engagement of a diversity of viewpoints and collaboration across systems, and produces a concrete blueprint for action, with benchmarks to measure progress.

A History of Excellence

With more than a decade of strategic planning experience at the local, regional and state levels, HomeBase is uniquely qualified to guide communities through the strategic planning process. We work from an extensive knowledge of national best practices and broad experience with program design and implementation.

Strategic Planning Highlights

Contra Costa County

In 2014, HomeBase facilitated the development of Contra Costa County’s Forging Ahead Towards Preventing and Ending Homelessness, an update to their 2004 strategic plan. The strategic planning process focused extensive community outreach on four key stakeholder groups: executive leadership, program staff, consumers, and targeted community groups. HomeBase gathered community feedback through monthly meetings with the Strategic Plan Ad Hoc Committee, focus groups with consumers and key leadership, stakeholder interviews, and a Consolidated Plan survey to identify priorities and action steps.

Forging Ahead Towards Preventing and Ending Homelessness is meant to be part of a set of living documents that captures the goals and strategies of the Contra Costa Continuum of Care. It is intended to be read alongside the current year’s Annual Action Plan, which together set benchmarks and action steps to track progress on permanent housing and prevention goals.

To implement Forging Ahead, HomeBase assisted the Contra Costa Continuum of Care to develop an annual action plan template. The template provides a framework for strategies, objectives, and benchmarks for achieving each Forging Ahead goal, which will be determined by the Contra Costa Continuum of Care each fall to guide the work of the coming year.

To ensure that the full CoC was engaged in the development of Forging Ahead, the planning process made use of a number of outreach tools, including consumer focus group questions, service provider focus group questions, key stakeholder interview questions, and Consolidated Plan survey questions on homelessness.

Santa Clara County

In 2014, HomeBase assisted with the development of the 2015-2020 Community Plan to End Homelessness in Santa Clara County. This strategic plan was developed through a series of subject-specific community summits, including summits related to youth, families, veterans, county regions, environmental issues, discharging institutions, nonprofit boards, and disruptive thinking about housing. An implementation body will use this plan as a guide to create an annual community action plan, which will fill in the specific strategies and responsible parties to achieve the goals outlined in the Community Plan.

Our Strategic Planning Track Record

Strategic Plan Updates

San Francisco City and County (2007 and 2014)

Santa Clara County (2004 and 2014)

Contra Costa County (2004 and 2014)

Ten Years Plans – County Level

Sacramento County (2015)San Luis Obispo County (2008)
Las Vegas/Clark County (2013)
Santa Barbara County (2005-2006)
Monterey and San Benito Counties (2011)Placer County (2004)
Kings and Tulare Counties (2011)Santa Clara County (2005)
Yolo County (2009)

Ten Year Plans – State Level

District of ColumbiaNorth Carolina

Other Experience

Five-Year Continuum of Care Plans

Agency-specific strategic plans

State, regional & local planning summits