San Francisco SRO Hotel Inventory

As part of the City and County of San Francisco’s launch of the Navigation Center, HomeBase was engaged to create an inventory of Single Room Occupancy (SRO) Hotel units as well as develop a Leasing and Landlord Engagement Strategies Report with the goal of building partnerships to increase access to housing for the most vulnerable individuals living on San Francisco’s streets.

SRO Inventory

The SRO Inventory developed by HomeBase is a web-based, interactive platform that incorporates multiple data sources to present a comprehensive snapshot of SRO units in the City and County of San Francisco. Powered by Google Fusion, the SRO Inventory allows any user to easily customize the dataset by any of its 40+ individual data points, including unit location, ownership, building size, vacancy rates, average rents, and available amenities. At the heart of the SRO Inventory is an advanced mapping system that presents a clear, understandable overview of existing units that can be tailored by the user for any number of purposes.

In developing relevant data points, HomeBase contacted numerous government agencies, non-profits, and accessed a myriad of publicly available resources. Primary points of contact included:

  • Department of Building Inspection
  • Office of the Assessor-Recorder
  • San Francisco Planning Department
  • Department of Public Health
  • San Francisco’s numerous SRO Collaboratives (e.g. Central City SRO Collaborative, Mission SRO Collaborative, etc.)
  • Homeless housing providers
  • San Francisco Housing Authority
  • Human Services Agency

The SRO Inventory provides a single source of data for over 500 SRO’s not currently leased by the City or County, thus facilitating the City and County's efforts to identify new potential units to add to its homeless housing program through its Landlord Engagement Strategy.