System Performance and Data Driven Interventions

Significant investments in HMIS, Point-in-Time counts, and other data collection efforts provide an incredible resource to guide improvements in homeless housing and service delivery. Data collected, however, is only valuable to the extent it is used to inform planning, policy making, program development and resource allocation. HomeBase supports communities with tools and strategies to better utilize data to drive decision-making.

  • Data Integration: The human and fiscal costs of homelessness impact all major systems of care: healthcare, behavioral health, criminal justice, and other fields. HomeBase is working with communities to integrate data across systems to drive comprehensive interventions targeting those most in need of assistance and/or those making most frequent/high cost use of public services.
  • System-Level Performance Measurement: HomeBase provides expert guidance and facilitation as communities determine how to measure system-level success, create benchmarks for performance, and collect and analyze data. Careful tracking of system performance and client outcomes enables robust and effective planning and optimizes the use of limited public resources.
  • Data Analysis and Reporting- HomeBase‚Äôs Program Evaluation and Scoring Tool (PRESTO) is a web-based platform that helps communities to collect, analyze, visualize, and report on the performance of individual programs, and of the entire system. The application operationalizes HMIS data by transforming it into user-friendly, easy-to-read reports that assist communities in carrying out project evaluation and improvement, policy development, and decisions about strategic resource allocation.