Data Driven Interventions in Las Vegas, Nevada and Washington State

Since January 2014, HomeBase has partnered with Clark County, Nevada and Washington State to implement systems change through multi-system data integration to generate key analysis to drive decision-making.


Our Data Driven Interventions initiatives employ a three-prong strategy to unite systems and leverage data to inform and transform a community’s response to homelessness:

  • End the Cycle: Use data from multiple systems to identify the highest need, highest cost individuals and to develop targeted interventions that effectively end the cycle of chronic homelessness and minimize reliance on emergency services.
  • Foster Collaboration: Optimize the use of limited public resources by fostering collaboration across mainstream and homeless systems of care in order to bothimprove client outcomes and reduce overall system costs.
  • Expand the Inventory: Secure the financing and support necessary to expand the inventory of evidence-based interventions, including permanent supportive housing. This includes applying cost-savings achieved to support additional housing and services.

An HMIS-First Approach to Data Integration

Our work leverages existing investments in HMIS to coordinate care and share data across mainstream systems. In Las Vegas, HMIS has been transformed into a comprehensive, end-to-end homeless care management solution, used both for their Coordinated Entry system and for Point-In-Time counts.

Locally Developed and Relationship Driven

Our tools and resources are developed from local data, informed by community policies and priorities, and driven forward by local leadership. By partnering with local leaders, we build the momentum and capacity required for sustainable systems change informed by ongoing data analysis.

Innovation Grounded in Experience

HomeBase blends data analysis and technical expertise with our extensive history of work throughout the continuum of homeless housing and services. Our staff’s diverse skillsets allow us to develop innovative data and technology solutions while remaining true to evidence-based best practices and national policy priorities.

Breaking Down Barriers to Participation

As a non-profit public policy law firm, HomeBase’s data privacy toolkit breaks down common obstacles to data sharing and integration, bringing much needed clarity to state and federal data privacy regulations.